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Oktober 09, 2019 3 min gelesen

Let’s not kid ourselves suits are awesome. No matter the occasion a well-fitting suit can make a monumental difference in presenting yourself to the world. Whether you are getting dressed to the nines for a wedding or an important meeting, a job interview, chances are you will have to eventually travel with your suit. Unfortunately, traveling with a suit is not so awesome that is unless you have the right luggage. And, correctly packing your suit is essential in avoiding wrinkles and creases.

In today’s world, time is a precious commodity. Regardless of your lifestyle, we never have enough time. Unless you are an origami master adept in folding your suit in 10 perfect steps in less than 5 minutes, then folding a suit can be very frustrating and time consuming. All of that energy exerted only to arrive at your destination with those wrinkles and creases we were so desperately trying to avoid.

Let’s dig in a little deeper; the two main causes of wrinkles and creases are due to high pressure and/or overly tight folding. The optimal solution would be to hang your suit at all times. Unfortunately in the travel world this is just not an option and packing into a suitcase forget about it. The best option is a dedicated garment bag.

The market is full of options for garment bags claiming to be wrinkle-free; however, most of these bags are bulky, heavy, or look downright terrible. The majority of these bags also lack functionality and quality. So we decided to change all of that! After two years of research and testing we have developed a product that is of the high quality, extremely lightweight, fully functional, and as a cherry on top it looks great too.

The DEGELER SkyHanger® is a garment bag with a purist design. It was crafted with carefully selected materials that will stand the test of time. This bag was consciously design with well thought-out functions. In order to ensure the best possible product no detail went unnoticed.

We started by designing the world’s first travel hanger made of 100% titanium which comes with unique fixtures for trousers and skirts. This hanger is crucial as there were currently no effective hanger options to hold trousers or skirts while traveling.

From there we focused on constructing the bag in a way that would allow your suit to hang just as it would in your closet at home. As promised, we focused on the details. Inside we placed a large zip net pocket for shirts and two compartments for underwear, ties, and a belt. There is enough storage for up to three complete outfits in one carry-on bag.

There are zip pockets on the outside as well. The two smaller compartments are easily accessible for passing through security checks and perfectly fit our transparent cosmetic bag as well as an iPad, wallet, passport and other travel documents.

The larger zip pocket on backside is made to fit a 15-inch laptop and standard office documents, allowing for quick access to your Business needs while waiting at the gate or on the go.

The DEGELER SkyHanger® is THE garment bag that offers the perfect combination of function and style. Finally, you can have your cake and eat it too.